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Tandus Family

Tandus Flooring is a global family that create solutions through innovative excellence that challenge our industry, communities and ourselves. Our heritage of innovation compels us to chalenge conventional pursuits by fostering invention, but only when inventions become effective solutions accepted by markets, businesses and society are they truly innovative.

Each series in Tandus Asia's line is the result of continued exploration into textile manufacturing, design, and the local market. Countless hours are spent from concept to production to make sure that every tile that bears the Tandus Asia name meets our impossibly high design standards.

The results can be seen in each successful series that Tandus Asia releases. The concept is carefully coordinated with color, texture, and quality, in order to make sure that each series speaks toward innovation, aesthetics and culture.

*Photos may not accurately depict colour. Please order samples for exact product colour.


Andante Pro

Andante Pro is a collection presenting the same pattern than Andante from Rhythms series as a basis, upgraded with a slight gradation effect to make it more trendy. It includes 6 colors, best sellers of Andante collection.


The inspiration comes from our nostalgia for handmade craftsmanship with its textural, hand-stitched look of familiar, comfortable crochet and needlepoint.


The inspiration of attraction comes from a combined picture of 50’s-60’s fashion and the art of abstract expressionism. The elements of the design goes free flow in any direction.


Culturally and stylistically advanced, Bold is designed to evoke the physical idea of movement and vitality. Pushing the boundaries, Bold radically restructures the way we view the floor, gives the illusion of movement against a plane.

Change Up

ChangeUp is like no other pattern before it, impacting dramatic elegance and freshness to an interior space. Its deliberate multi-colour stripe allows designers to tie-in colour accents from seating, walls and accessories, while its textural ground acts as a canvas, pulling the interior architecture and furnishings together.


Inspired by haute-couture tweed suits, Crochet bridges the gap between organic handcrafted designs and more rigid geometric patterns.The result is a beautiful juxtaposition between light and shade that adds visual depth and sophistication to the workplace.


The urban environment that surrounds us every day consists of an abundancy of patterns, shapes and textures. Tandus Elements carpet series derived its inspiration from these patterns and let you explore a world of possible compositions to create unique office spaces. Whether you would like to unwind with the beauty of a soft tone mineral inspired carpet, or create stunning looks with corridors inspired on historic pavements: Elements is available in a palette of sixteen colours and three designs, offering endless creative combinations.


Evolution, Inspired by the futuristic tension structure pattern that is created by variety of lines, polygons with clean and intense color play that can be infinitely repeated . It is a combination of technology and art that brings the world of modernism into the future evolution of design.This collection is anything but ordinary.


Rooted in ancient map-making techniques with structured amorphous patterning, Globe imparts a classic timelessness. Designed to “personalize” the workplace with bright color accents for floor plane mapping and workplace seating.

Gradation Series I-Degrees

Degrees is a series of four different gradation intervals within a colour scheme. Each tile has a different rising and falling of step movements.


Adding to the true breakthrough in fiber and construction technology offerings, Startle, Leap and Trip will parallel with Rhythms series to usher in our most competitive Modular Platform collection ever! Even with a price point objective, Jaunt is a modular platform collection with a clean aesthetic and classic timeless style.

Landscape II

Known as INUNISON II, our synergistic product system offers color coordinated product categories enabling our customer to make the most informed and best overall choices to optimize interior solutions for their specific needs.


Inspired by the Supertrees’ geometric branches in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Linearity collection perfectly combines geometry and texture. The natural light is refracted on Linearity design in various degrees, depending on the directions of the lines.

Melody Series

A Series and collection of three carpet designs, Melody is inspired from three components of music. We have created Melody Series product range with inspiration from different tones, pitches and tempo of music. Picturing the melodiousness and different fascinating qualities of music we have brought forth Rubato, Presto and Chord.


Inspired by the architecture of modern cities, Memory II is a designed tufted carpet, presenting high-low rectangles that create a textured appearance. Ideal for modern offices, and in particular for corridors or common areas, Memory II has a design generating a sense of rhythm that will break up visual monotony.


Mosaic, the ancient art of decorating floors and interiors with breath-taking images has inspired us for centuries. Meticulously crafted from tiny elements, piece by piece transforming the surface into wonderful patterns and images that both galvanize and astonish. With Mosaic series, Tandus brings a unique design inspired by this traditional art form into the modern workspace. Featuring subtle variations of colours and contrasts. Create inspiring carpet structures and patterns, make art a part of your everyday life.


A carpet series inspired by nature: subtle organic patterns and delicate wood textures. ORIGINS will bring tranquillity and will stimulate senses in places where people work, come together or simply unwind.

Plaids Series

The Plaids Series is not merely about the reinvention of the iconic fabric in carpet tile. It is about a study in the deconstruction of a plaid design to understand how its horizontal and vertical elements are layered to create a larger design expression. The result is a revolutionary carpet tile series that enables designers to reach new levels of artistic expression.

Rhythms Series

The Rhythms Series explores the movement marked by the speed of strong and soft elements within a space. Consisting of three different patterns, this series depicts different rhythm intervals, all working as a changeable irregular configuration.

Root Series

Root series is in the depth of dreams and seasons. Its strong and pure beauty with age.It rises silently, its mood tinged with poise and grace. Light its glory, the wind into the painting. I bring you a period of pure beauty like song and dream.

Scale Series

Scale Series depictes the color and movement of light trails in the city, we present three fascinating patterns composed of continuous, colorful, varying width light bands.


The design for Sculpted Flannel II incorporates the classic "twill" structure into the surface texture.The combination of these two designs can weaken the seam effect.It can adapt to a variety of square carpet installation.


Silhouette is the design inspired from the geometry of architecture and the playfulness of circles, the pattern comes from the shapes of buildings and its increasing probabilities day by day.


An intricate study light and dark. Broad patterns that make a statement:SKETCH catches the bold hues of concrete and slate,transforming an area into a dynamic atmosphere.


Strata is the design inspired from the combined textures of river, rocks and mountains and forest. All organic and following the directions of nature, Strata reconnects you to the nature.

Supergraphics Series

In the 1960s, architectural movement was derived from large-scale decorative art. Colours were bold when applied over walls and floors that resulted in geometric or typographic decoration. This resulted in an illusion of expanded or altered space. We took this inspiration and transferred it onto the floor, with large scale graphics in bright multicolours.


Terrace collection is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of terraced paddy fields that are famous in Asia. The unique and geometric design of the platforms is replicated on the carpet to bring energy and structure to collaborative spaces.



Transcend collection is inspired by the Neo-minimalism art movement. It presents organics patterns with muted linear visuals and vivid accent that add a playful effect. Mix the new 8 coordinated colors and formats available to design a unique flooring.

Visible Light

Visible light is composed of two designs: Access & Scattering. The collection is inspired by the natural beauty of the sun light and its different patterns.

Wildflower II

Reminiscent of colours from our living planet, a rich, lively and vibrant garden, Wildflower II offers 48 dynamic solid colours to inspire an interior.



The organic design of Zen Plus and its subtle colors will set the tone for a calm and reflective atmosphere. The pattern of Japanese rock garden is reproduced on the carpet enabling to create a peaceful environment  and help concentration in workspaces.