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Linoleum xf²

Fresh, dynamic and exciting, modern linoleum flooring uses age old techniques and the latest xf technology to add a whole new range of technical qualities. An ideal combination of natural quality with resistance to heavy traffic it is ideal for sectors from education to healthcare. With both compact and acoustic versions, modern linoleum can satisfy the most demanding requirements for appearance, function, cost and sustainability.

Wide and attractive range of colours and patterns available in different thicknesses offering xf² surface protection for extreme toughness and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Sound reduction up to 18 dB available for all Veneto, Style and Etrusco colour designs with xf² surface protection for a smoother matt appearance and improved performance.

Slip resistant rating which combines the need for a secure grip with the ease of cleaning of xf² surface treatment.

Sound reduction 15 dB with Essenza Factory-applied acrylic finish that eliminates the initial care after installation.

Linoleum Bfl fire rating by its natural ingredients, there are no flame retardants.
Available across 10 Veneto colours this product is ideal for corridors and escaping areas.